New Influenza Testing in Poplar Bluff

20 February 2016
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Gamma HealthCare Inc is pleased to announce implementation of an improved test for influenza A and B. The Alere i Influenza A & B assay is a rapid molecular diagnostic test using an isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology for qualitative detection and discrimination of influenza A and B viral RNA. Start date for the new assay is March 1, 2016. Testing is performed on a direct nasal swab from patients with signs and symptoms of respiratory infection. We should see improved sensitivity and specificity over our previous immunochromatographic assay. The specimen is stable for 24 hours at refrigerator temperature. The order code is 10423; INFLUENZA A and B, Alere iNAA.


Nasal swabs provided in the kit or rayon, foam, HydraFlock (standard tip), Copan (standard flocked Swab), or polyester swabs can be used.

Schedule specimen collections so that they will arrive at the laboratory in less than 24 hours. Insert Swab into nostril with the most drainage or with the most congestion if drainage is not visible until resistance is met, rotate several times against the nasal wall. Remove swab slowly and return to original packaging, tape and label the original package with patient name, unique identifier, date and time of collection, place into a transport bag along with a completed requisition. Saline or transport media is not required or desired. Visibly bloody samples cannot be used.

Negative results do not preclude influenza virus infection and should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis, treatment, or other patient management decisions.

False negative results may occur if a specimen is improperly collected, transported, or handled. False negative results may occur if inadequate levels of viruses are present in the specimen.

The test has not been evaluated for patients without signs and symptoms of influenza infection.

The test has not been evaluated for immunocompromised patients.


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